Indigenous Woman

Indigenous Woman

Monday, 24 October 2011

Really! Is this the education I want for my children?

This past week we had a presentation from the Director of Research.
He shared an article with us that was presented by IBM to the BCSTA summer conference.
I feel fear for BC public schoolchildren and families.
Take a look.

"IBM collaborates with education and government leaders to embrace open and accessible learning environments that focus on every student's success."

"Create a single view of the student for lifelong learning."

Whose single view will be used for children from diverse backgrounds?
How will my child fit into this, my child who is amazing and happens to live with Autism, moderate to profound intellectual disability and severe epilepsy?

What on earth does IBM know about teaching BC Public school children?
Our children are not machines, tabula rasa, empty vessels to pour knowledge.

Our children come to school having learned all sorts of important lessons well before they enter into primary school.

Respectfully Chris
Mom and Teacher